Walking Therapy

Walking Therapy

There is a strong link to our physical and emotional well being, when we are more physically active we are more emotionally resilient. When we move around, especially in a natural environment it changes the chemistry in our brains which can give us the energy and motivation to make positive changes.

Walking therapy is talking therapy but it involves an element of movement, although there are physical health benefits the focus is not on getting super fit, it’s not an exercise routine and you don’t have to be fit to engage in it. You set the walking pace, if you want to slow down that’s fine, if you want to stop completely that’s ok too, even a small amount of movement and a change from your normal routine can positively affect your mental health.

In Derby we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and I work in several locations including Elvaston Castle, Allestree Park and Kedleston Hall

Sessions / Cost

Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £35  however I have lower cost sessions available for people on a lower income and counselling students studying level 4 and above. I currently have sessions available on Sunday day time.



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