In an age of technology and social media we can easily forget that at our core we are animals, we have a connection to the natural world and by reconnecting with nature we can more closely reconnect with ourselves. Just spending time outside, particularly around trees, can help to regulate our sleep, lower our blood pressure and slow our breathing. It can help regulate our serotonin levels giving us a sense of happiness and well-being. This in itself may not be enough to solves our problems but it can provide a sense of calm and perspective that allows us to focus on resolving inner conflicts.

Ecotherapy has many forms, what I offer is talking therapy in a natural environment where we explore together what is troubling you.

In Derby we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and I work in several locations including Elvaston Castle, Allestree Park and Kedleston Hall


Sessions / cost

Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £35 however I have lower cost sessions available for people on a lower income and counselling students studying level 4 or above. I currently have sessions available on Sunday day time.

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