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Hazel gave me strength and made me believe that there is a better future for me if I can fight for it


Hello and welcome to my website. We all need support sometimes to face circumstances or feelings that are overwhelming. If you find yourself experiencing more bad days than good ones you may feel ready to look at what support is available and how it can help you.

So let me tell you a bit about myself and how I work.

I began training as a counsellor because of my own experiences of counselling, many positive, some not so much. What I experienced through the unique counselling relationship was that can help and support myself if I am given the right tools and shown how to use them. This inspired me to continue that supportive relationship but in the role of counsellor and I have been privileged to support many people on their own journey towards positive change in themselves, their relationships and their lives.

I am a qualified Person Centred Therapist and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which means I work to their ethical standards to ensure I am offering you a professional service that puts you first.

The pages on this site give an overview of the therapeutic services I offer but if you  have any further questions please do contact me.

I specialise in the following areas:



Many of us experience low mood in one form or another, for some it can be a short term bump in the road while others experience longer term or recurring episodes of depression. We can be left feeling drained of energy, disliking ourselves and feeling dissatisfied with our life. My work aims to support you in alleviating the symptoms of low mood by helping you understand the reasons for your feelings and developing coping strategies.


A traumatic experience at any point in our life can affect our emotional well-being leaving us feeling vulnerable, angry, confused or ashamed. We can also experience physical symptoms such as flashback, nightmares and anxiety. By working at your pace I can help you explore those feelings in safety and reduce the physical symptoms so that you can begin to move past your experiences and live more freely.


Loss affects us all in one way or another and even positive change can bring about feelings of sadness and regret. We can be left feeling lost and out of control of our lives. Counselling can help you come to terms with those feeling and regain a sense of stability .

Bereavement can leave a hole in our lives and it is a natural response to feel a range of intense emotions including sadness, anger and even relief. It can be helpful to explore these feelings in a warm and supportive space where all of your complex feelings are accepted.


Sometimes we feel out of control of our lives or overwhelmed, this could be due a specific incident or life change or you may not know the cause. We can work together to explore those feelings, help you to understand what triggers your stress or anxiety and develop coping strategies that can help you take more control over your emotional wellbeing.[bg_faq_end]



I walked into the office and I had no hope that it would help me. Being advised to have counselling was ok but I was thinking “how can it help if I have to go over and over what I have been through”? But in a few weeks I felt that counselling was a candle lighting a dark tunnel for me. Hazel gave me strength and made me believe that there is a better future for me if I can fight for it and I am doing!

When I first began to see Hazel for counselling I was a bit nervous but after 2 or 3 weeks I felt much more comfortable and looked forward to going. Hazel listened to me patiently and while I was talking to her and I felt that I was coming out of my depression. Hazel often checked that I was happy with our work together which I was, I was very happy with her as my counsellor and she supported me to solve my problem.

When I first came to see you I was stuck. I was always trying to please someone else, doing everything for other people but it felt like doing something for myself was selfish. Now I can look after myself first and feel ok about that, I still do things for other people but it’s because I want to help not because I feel like I should. My old feelings come back sometimes but I know how to deal with them now and they don’t get on top of me.

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