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Hello fellow counsellors! Welcome to my clinical supervision page.

Hello, I'm Hazel. 

I offer clinical counselling supervision in person in my Derby City Center Practice and nationally online for both qualified and student counsellors.

 I am trained in several modalities and draw on years of experience working in the theraputic field.
I'm currently running clinical supervision online  and face to face.  My fee is £70 per hour / £100 for 90 minutes

There is a discounted rate of £55 p/h for student counsellor supervision

My Professional Experience

I have worked as a Specialist Palliative Care and Bereavement Counsellor for the NHS Derby which included ward work during the height of the Covid crisis. I have years of experience of working with loss, anxiety and complex grief.

I run a busy private counselling practice specialising in childhood trauma, domestic abuse and relational rupture and working with a range of associated mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress and low self esteem 

I am a counselling tutor with Derby Adult Learning Service for CPCAB counselling trainees and write and deliver a curriculum on ethical and boundaried counselling practice.

Prior to counselling I worked as a safeguarding coordinator responsible for advocating for vulnerable children, where I learned through training and experience the impact of trauma on individuals and families.
I'm currently running clinical supervsion online and face to face.   My fee is £70 per hour / £100 for 90 minutes

Supervision for Qualified Therapists

You are your clients best therapeutic resource and I work compassionately and non critically to help you provide the best support possible for your client, by building on your unique abilities and strengths.
I can support with:

+ Working safely and ethically and creatively with a range of concerns
+ Utilising your clients’ innate resilience and somatic experiencing to support recovery.
+ Developing a trauma informed and sensitive practice
+ Identifying your professional development needs and your personal support needs
+ Understanding and working with your clients fears, blocks and resistances
+ Exploring your thoughts, ideas and reactions with curiosity

Supervision for Trainee Counsellors

Training to be a counsellor can be an exciting and scary journey and if you’re looking for a stern, critical supervisor, you have come to the wrong place; I offer a warm welcome and a supportive space where you can explore and examine your experiences without being judged or criticised.
I draw on my own knowledge and experience, mistakes and successes, to help you build your confidence and your practice, your way.
I can support you with:
+ Developing an ethically sound relationship with your clients
+ Working within the boundaries and the remit of your placement
+ Growing in confidence and competence
+ Connecting theory to your practice
+ Meeting the academic requirements of your course
+ Providing supervision reports tailored to meet your course criteria
+ Strategies for taking care of yourself and your client during and after difficult sessions.
There is a discounted rate of £55 p/h for student counsellors 

Supervision for Neurodivergent Counsellors and Clients

Neurodivergent people make fantastic counsellors! – our lived experiences of difference can help us to access deep empathic understanding and acceptance to connect with our clients, whether they are neuro-typical or neuro-diverse.

Our brains are wired to pick up on micro cues and incongruence in others, helping us to be more attuned with our clients’ implicit emotions and fluctuations. We are often highly sensitive people which can be so helpful to our clients but can also take a toll on us.

If you are Autistic, have ADHD or otherwise neurodivergent, or work with neuro-divergent clients I can offer an understanding and supportive ND positive environment to grow in confidence as a practitioner and celebrate our unique abilities and perspective.

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