Sometimes it feels like:

• We are on a treadmill and someone has turned the speed up too high.

• We can be supportive to other people but really critical of ourselves.

• We are always putting on a mask so other people think we’re ‘fine’.

On the surface our lives look good, yet we are still dissatisfied, uhappy and isolated.

What would it feel like to:

• Understand what you need to feel better and have those needs met. 

• To be confident in sharing how you feel?

• To have freedom from unwanted thoughts, feelings and memories?

 It is exhausting to be constantly fighting with yourself, instead you could be putting that energy into doing the things you love, enjoying more positive relationships and embracing new experiences.

 Together we can make sense of your experiences, rediscover your strengths and help you take control of your life.

My name is Hazel

 I’m a BACP registered counsellor based in Derby, and I can help you with that treadmill!

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