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Welcome to New Leaf Counselling, together we can discover and understand what hurts, and then make it better.
By the time we come to counselling we have usually tried many different ways to address our difficulties or get support for ourselves. If we have supportive friends or family that can sometimes be enough to help us through tough times but when we feel overwhelmed, or confused by how we’re feeling it can be difficult to talk to those closest to us. That’s where talking therapy can help.

Even as an experienced counsellor I find the idea of talking to a therapist a bit daunting, so it’s important I provide a friendly, confidential place where you can be yourself and whatever you’re feeling is welcomed without judgement. 

Therapy in Derby Counselling Practice on Wilson Street - just a few minutes from Derby City center.
Derby Therapist and Counsellor Hazel Green of New Leaf Therapy Derby

“Hazel gave me strength and made me believe that there is a better future for me if I can fight for it”

My name is Hazel

BACP Accredited Therapist Derby

I help people understand and care for themselves better. 

For years I have counselled people who have experienced trauma, anxiety or low mood, I have seen them struggling to live up to impossible ideals, I have seen them suffer with self criticism and judgement. 

In all that time I had one goal; to make a positive difference for the people I work with. I realised the most effective way for me to do this was to become a counsellor and I love every minute of it. I am excited by the work I do and inspired by the counselling clients I work with. 

I am a qualified Person Centred Therapist and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which means I work to their ethical standards to ensure I am offering you a counselling  service that puts you first.

I’m also a trained clinical supervisor and offer Counselling Supervision for practicing and trainee counsellors and therapists.
My counselling fee is £55 Per session
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How Counselling Can Help

Often our thoughts and feelings can contradict each other and it can be confusing trying to figure out why we feel the way we feel. You don’t have to have any answers, we’ll start from where you are and work it out together.

I wonder if this sounds familiar?

Sometimes it feels like:
• We are on a treadmill and someone has turned the speed up too high.
• We can be supportive to other people but really critical of ourselves.
• We are always putting on a mask so other people think we’re ‘fine’.
On the surface our lives look good, yet we are still dissatisfied, uhappy and isolated.

What would it feel like to:
• Understand what you need to feel better and have those needs met.
• To be confident in sharing how you feel?
• To have freedom from unwanted thoughts, feelings and memories?

It can be exhausting to be constantly fighting with yourself. Instead you could be putting that energy into doing the things you love, enjoying more positive relationships and embracing new experiences.

 A good therapist can help you make sense of your experiences, rediscover your strengths and help you take control of your life.
"I walked into the office and I had no hope that it would help me. But in a few weeks I felt that counselling was a candle lighting a dark tunnel for me"
Counselling in Derby

The Wendy Centre

My Derby Counselling Practice 

I offer in person / face to face counselling Derby at the Wendy Centre on Wilson Street – a nice central location with easy accessibility from the town centre and close to public transport routes. The building is also dedicated to the memory of a personal friend and it helps having her memory live on here. 

I have a small private counselling room and a family of plants to create a calm and soothing atmosphere (as well as look pretty)
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Derby Therapist - I can help with

Low Mood
Person Centered Therapy
Childhood Trauma
Work Related Stress
Parenting Stresses
Domestic Abuse
Compassion Focused Therapy
Self Esteem and Criticism
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New Leaf Counselling - In Person Counselling Derby 
Room 8, The Wendy Center, 72 Wilson St, Derby DE1 1PL
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